If the client is not satisfied with the quality of an inspection performed under this contract, T1 Inspections will provide for a reinspection of the property by an outside inspection company.  To exercise this option, the client must submit a request for a reinspection in writing to the company, via mail, fax, or email, within 48 hours of having received the final written inspection report. T1 Inspections will pay the fees charged for the reinspection, up to the amount of the total inspection fee paid to T1 Inspections, subsequent to receiving a duplicate copy of the reinspection report. Client will be responsible for any charges arising from the reinspection that are over and above the amount paid to T1 Inspections under this contract. Clients who receive a reinspection from an outside inspection company under the provisions of this guarantee shall accept it as full settlement for any and all claims against T1 Inspections.